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Miguel Moreno

Miguel Moreno is a skilled and experienced professional in the field of film and video production. With a B.A. in Cinema from San Francisco State University, Miguel has a strong educational background complemented by a diverse range of practical experiences.


He has worked on multiple projects and workshops, contributing as a director, writer, editor, assistant director, and producer.  Notable projects include short films such as "The Last Knock" and "m/s," which premiered in 2017 at the Milan Film Festival.


Miguel was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico, and enjoys collaborating and creating with a wide variety of individuals, both in the US and abroad. Miguel is based in Southern California and enjoys staying up to date with new films.


Teddy Bojorquez

Carlos Sanchez

Creative Director

Carlos Sanchez is a first-generation Mexican/American born in San Diego California, & raised in Tijuana, Mexico until the age of thirteen.

He spent his teens to early mid-twenties in San Diego where he developed his eye and hunger for storytelling under the wing of Sandy Huffaker, a renowned photojournalist.  Has his AA in Social & Behavioral Sciences from San Diego Mesa College, as well as his BA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. 


While attending SFSU he developed a love for Writing, Directing and Cinematography with the goal of showcasing stories that matter to him. From personal self-reflective narrative work, to documentary work on topics he enjoyed diving into more. 


Carlos’s work ranges from short-film narrative and documentary work, feature documentary, music videos and commercial work. All as director, writer and cinematographer. 


With his latest piece being a music video for Disney; he came up with the concept, directed and is currently involved in Post-Production. 


Everything he has done to this point keeps adding to his tool kit, as his main goal is to bring stories from his life that can resonate with humans that may be going through similar obstacles and need to see themselves represented.


Teddy Bojorquez


Teddy Bojorquez was born and raised in San Jose, California. As a kid, his mother told him he talked too loudly and had too much energy for such a skinny boy, the natural solution: Theatre.


Teddy spent most of his youth acting in stage productions with a local theatre program called Willow Glen Children’s Theatre where he got his love for acting and storytelling. 


While attending San Francisco State University that love never subsided but was redirected from the performance stage to the sound stage. While at SFSU he joined a national professional film fraternity called Delta Kappa Alpha.


As a member of the DKA he learned the art of producing, script writing, sound design, editing, cinematography; in other words, filmmaking. 


Teddy then served as president of his chapter of DKA where he learned the art of management, budgeting, and organizational outreach. He uses these skills daily while working for Anonymous Creature to create story driven film that is engaging and functional. 


Aside from his work with Anonymous Creature Teddy also works full time at a local radio station where he is the primary host of a morning news show. Be it news radio or film, Teddy’s goal is pass on important information through the art of storytelling, and every step of the way is to service that goal.

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